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Dan Stuart and Sacri Cuori. Leeds, 6th Sept 2012.

September 9, 2012

I knocked off most of these photos when the band had finished sound checking and disappeared off down the road in the hunt for food. Back in the day i earned a living (granted not a good one….some things never change) from photographing bands until it all turned sour when i had to photograph the likes of Take That. I am the man who told The Spice Girls and Oasis to sod off, part of me regrets it now i must admit….although an ex colleague of mine beats me as he told a young Rolling Stones to sod off. Nowadays i only photograph bands i really love. Dan Stuart is a hero of mine, he was in Green on Red and he’s the man who got me into William Eggleston, he even hanged out with him on the odd occasion, now that makes him one brave bloke.
Dan’s new backing band is the amazing Sacri Cuori from italia….if i ever make the mistake of getting married again i want them to play at the wedding. Mr Stuart gave me a copy of his soon to be published memoirs, a great read….what a life, a kind of lower life seedier bukowski if you can picture that.
I always like looking at the stage pre-performance when all the gear is set out waiting for action, guitars, pedals, drum sticks and plectrums, set lists gaffer taped to the dirt trodden floor damp with sweat off the band from the night before.


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