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Here is the book to go with my forthcoming exhibition ‘Beloved’. Photographs by Darren Andrews, Words by Bruce Bennett.

PLEASURELAND-photographs from the english seaside.

Here is a small selection of photographs from my book ‘Pleasureland-photographs from the english seaside.


























Dan Stuart and Sacri Cuori. Leeds, 6th Sept 2012.

I knocked off most of these photos when the band had finished sound checking and disappeared off down the road in the hunt for food. Back in the day i earned a living (granted not a good one….some things never change) from photographing bands until it all turned sour when i had to photograph the likes of Take That. I am the man who told The Spice Girls and Oasis to sod off, part of me regrets it now i must admit….although an ex colleague of mine beats me as he told a young Rolling Stones to sod off. Nowadays i only photograph bands i really love. Dan Stuart is a hero of mine, he was in Green on Red and he’s the man who got me into William Eggleston, he even hanged out with him on the odd occasion, now that makes him one brave bloke.
Dan’s new backing band is the amazing Sacri Cuori from italia….if i ever make the mistake of getting married again i want them to play at the wedding. Mr Stuart gave me a copy of his soon to be published memoirs, a great read….what a life, a kind of lower life seedier bukowski if you can picture that.
I always like looking at the stage pre-performance when all the gear is set out waiting for action, guitars, pedals, drum sticks and plectrums, set lists gaffer taped to the dirt trodden floor damp with sweat off the band from the night before.

Dark Corners of the Land


Here is a selection of photographs from my current project ‘Dark Corners of the Land’. I have been using homemade medium and large format pinhole film cameras to capture the road from Pendle to what is believed to be Hangman’s Hill in Lancaster.

400 years ago the Pendle witches were taken from their homes to Lancaster where they were hanged.

The work includes a sound installation by the arts collective Victor Noir and is currently on show at The Dukes Gallery, Lancaster until the 13th August 2012. The gallery is open daily and the sound will be playing from 6pm each day and 1pm on Saturdays.

The soon to be published limited edition book ‘Dark Corners of the Land’ includes words and the soundtrack.



Film still rules.

Why do i love shooting on film? Old cameras are beautiful objects…even the cheap ones. There is nothing better than to have in your hands an old Nikon, Leica or Rollei. These cameras made years ago are mostly still fully functioning workhorses capable of taking amazing pictures in the right hands.They are made of metal….you can drop them (which i have done)….you can use them in self defence (which i have also done).

I do like digital cameras, i have a few Nikons and a Leica, in fact i was one of the first photographers to go digital. They are great for work….sending off images to magazines and clients within minutes is no doubt about it bloody good.

But when it comes to your personal work….it’s got to be film. Maybe i’m getting to be an old fart….i don’t like new motorbikes, give me an old velocette, triumph or norton….i despise modern music, it’s Neil Young, Sonic Youth, Rolling Stones, Green on Red for me….and Vinyl records still rule the roost.

A digital print is worth nothing whereas an image taken on film and printed by the photographer is worth something. It is to me anyway.

How can you capture the ‘decisive moment’ when you are looking at an image on a 2 inch screen held at arms length? Composition goes out the window….put your eye up to the viewfinder and give 100% attention to the subject for god’s sake.

Yes digital has got lot’s of people snapping pics and interested in photography but the quality has gone….long gone.